Browser History Spy

Browser History Spy 5.0

All-in-one Browser History Viewer Software

'Browser History Spy' is the FREE all-in-one software to view the browsing history from popular web browsers.
'Browser History Spy' can recover stored website history from following top web browsers.
* Mozilla Firefox
* Internet Explorer
* Google Chrome
* Google Chrome Canary/SXS

It is very easy to use with its attractive GUI interface. Normal users as well as Forensic Investigators can find it very useful in recovering website history from target system.

Main features of 'Browser History Spy'
* Easy to use tool with attractive GUI Interface.
* Automatically detects the right location of history file for respective web browser.
* For Chrome/Firefox, you can manually choose the History file.
* For Internet Explorer, you can Add/Remove the website URLs from history.
* 'Sort Feature' to easily sort through thousands of website entries based on URL, Title, Date etc.
* Save the website history list to HTML/XML file.
* Fully Portable - You can directly run it from any Windows system.
* Installer for local installation/un-installation on your system.

It works on most of the Windows platforms from Windows XP to Windows 7.

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